Research Projects

Find out about our currently running projects.


PREdiction and Visual Intelligence for Security InformatiON

The mission of PREVISION is to empower the analysis and investigators of LEAs with tools and solutions not commercially available today, to handle and capitalize on the massive heterogeneous data streams that must be processed during complex crime investigations and threat risk assessments.


Building Acceptance and Trust in Autonomous Mobility

The vision of Trustonomy is to maximise the safety, trust and acceptance of automated vehicles by helping to address technical and non-technical challenges through a well-integrated and inter- disciplinary approach, bringing domain experts and ordinary citizens to work closely together.


Cross-layer cognitive optimization tools & methods for the lifecycle support of dependable CPSoS

CPSoSaware will contribute to all expected impact areas set out in H2020 ICT-01-2019 Computing technologies and engineering methods for cyber-physical systems of systems under the topic of Models, tools and methods for design-operations continuum of dependable CPSoS.


Bridging the Early Diagnosis and Treatment Gap of Brain Diseases via Smart, Connected, Proactive and Evidence-based Technological Interventions

ALAMEDA will research, develop and exploit the next generation of personalized AI healthcare support systems that improve the rehabilitation treatment of Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Stroke (PMSS) patients.


Integrated Technological and Information Platform for wildfire Management

SILVANUS envisages to deliver an environmentally sustainable and climate resilient forest management platform through innovative capabilities to prevent and combat against the ignition and spread of forest fires. The platform will cater to the demands of efficient resource utilisation and provide protection against threats of wildfires encountered globally.


DemonsTrating lower pollUting soLutions for sustaInable airPorts acrosS Europe

Bringing together a highly competent and complementary consortium of 29 partners supported by an external advisory board, TULIPS will accelerate the implementation of innovative and sustainable technologies towards lower emissions at airports.