Computer Vision.

  • Security – surveillance from Close Circuit TV or IP static cameras
  • Advanced Driver Assistance and Traffic management Systems
  • Human activity recognition and detection from static and wearable camera
  • Face detection and recognition of familiar faces in videos
  • Applications for architecture and video game creation

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Semantic Technologies

Semantic Technologies enable the addition of meaning to your data in a machine-readable manner. Semantically-annotated data allow the interlinkage and extraction of knowledge, and the inference of new in a way that simulates human reason.

  • Semantic Modelling - Analysis and meaningful modelling of any domain via the collaboration with domain experts towards the creation of tailored semantic models (ontologies).
  • Semantic Fusion - Design and implementation of custom tools for the population of system knowledge in the ontology, originating from diverse sources.
  • Semantic Enrichment - Association and augmentation of in-house data with the vast knowledge residing in Linked Data repositories like DBpedia, LinkedGeoData and many more.
  • Semantic Reasoning - The epitome of Semantic Technologies, allowing the application of complex rules towards the discovery of underlying knowledge. What makes Semantic Reasoning so special is the fact that it is applied on the semantics, by handling concepts, relationships, dependencies, etc., in an attempt to simulate the human way of thinking.

Augmented Intelligence

Through the use of Augmented Intelligence we maximize the value of AI and optimize your decision making process by focusing not on replacing humans, but on exptending human fuctions with the pairing of people and machines. Our application areas include:

  • Internet of Things.
  • Intelligent Transport Systems.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Natural Language Processing.