CASPAR: A Truly Domain-agnostic Semantic Data Integration Framework

Semantic data integration (also referred to as “semantic data fusion”) refers to the process of populating a semantic model (i.e., an ontology) with instance data coming from multiple heterogeneous sources. The result of this population is called a Knowledge Graph (KG). The data ingested into the ontology may either be raw data (e.g., sensor measurements), or higher-level data (e.g., analysis outputs from other software tools).

SILVANUS: The new European Green Deal project launched for wildfire management, forest resilience and climate change

The SILVANUS project brings together a large consortium of interdisciplinary experts from four continents to combat the threat of forest fires and improve forest resilience against climate change.

The key output of the project is the release of a climate resilient forest management platform to prevent and suppress forest fire. SILVANUS relies on environmental, technical and social sciences experts to support regional and national authorities responsible for wildfire management in their respective countries.