Catalink Limited is a Software Development SME founded in 2017. We design and develop complex cyberphysical systems targeted for data stream analytics, business automation, security, energy efficiency and emissions reduction. We have established a multi-disciplinary team offering expertise in: data science, machine learning, performance optimization, multimedia analysis, situational awareness, as well as project management. Examples of implemented solutions include

  • Converged (optical and wireless) network management systems.
  • Customized Internet-of Things (IoT) platforms.
  • Smart fleet energy management services.
  • Business automation processes.

The company has also a broad expertise in

  • Computer Vision.
  • Image processing and multimedia applications.
  • Video concept extraction.
  • Semantic segmentation for accurate crisis event detection in visual content.
  • Content-based image retrieval and dynamic texture recognition.

Catalink engineers deliver cutting-edge solutions for learning and reasoning from incomplete, large and heterogeneous sets of data, making trends prediction, anomaly detection and situation awareness possible. Example applications include network traffic, road traffic, telemetry, security and others.




Hard Workers

Our Skills

Our team of experts have built a solid foundation on the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence for meeting various end-user needs. A strong knowledge on semantic technology and programming in various languages shapes also the profile of our company.


Our skills include but are not limited to:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Scripting languages (i.e. javascript etc)

Computer Vision

Our team has a high expertise in Computer Vision field and a wide hand-on experience on developing algorithms and software based on the needs of our clients.


We consider ourselves as Semantic experts with a wide engagement both in the research and in the software development part.

Mobile Application Development

We can bring your ideas to life and deliver them directly to your smartphone.